Greetings neighbor has been in business for eighteen years providing clients with administrative services. Located in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, we're local and not "outsourced" to foreign countries.


We're small, reliable and affordable which makes us a good fit for your company. If you need a live phone receptionist and scheduler, give is a call.


You need a Virtual Administrative Specialist Service.

We'll take care of customer questions and direct them to the help they need.

Customer Support

While answering your calls, we can set appointments in YOUR calendar.

Appointments and Scheduling

Your calls are forwarded to us. No more voicemail.

Phone Answering

Once we answer your call....

We can set your appointments up for you.

Let's face it.
You're a busy person.

Don't let all your calls go to voicemail where you have to retrieve and return. Let Greetings Neighbor! answer your calls.

Twin Cities Phone Answering Service

Call Greetings Neighbor!
(651) 337-2577